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Life Purpose 

Love Answers in Bucks County, PA
Life Purpose Angel Cards in Bucks County, PA
Past Life Cards in Bucks County, PA
Health Cards in Bucks County, PA
General Combination Reading includes:

Past Life 








Angel card readings are a channeled tool for confident decision-making , clear communication, and timely decisive action.  With each angel card reading, we implore the help of the angels to communicate clearly through the messages we receive.  They can be amazingly accurate and give us comforting guidance when we need it the most.  It is most important that we ask for help from the angelic realm due to the fact that they will not intervene unless called upon because of our free will choices.  Sometimes, the cards reveal something that needs to be brought to your attention that you might not even know about.  There are many different decks which can help us with answers dealing with love, health, life purpose, past lives, or oracle messages.  Multiple spreads are available to choose from to help with different scenarios which assist in creating the best possible plan for the result you want.


Angel card readings provide a shining light through the darkness of fear and doubt so you can make excellent choices for your relationships, your health, your career, or let go of past issues which keep you from achieving inner happiness and the quality of life you deserve.


Reiki is a hands-on Japanese technique which promotes healing of the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional state.  It relates to the 7 energy centers in the body.  Ultimately, chakras that are open and balanced provide the best environment to be in to keep you growing spiritually, mentally, and physically.  It also provides a holistic approach to physical pain, stress reduction, increasing energy, and relaxation.

Angel Card Readings in Bucks County, PA
Reiki Session in Bucks County, PA
Chakra Clearing with Crystals in Bucks County, PA
Crystals for the 7 Chakras in Bucks County, PA

Angel Card Readings Reiki & Reiki Classes
in Bucks County, PA 

Effects of Reiki in Bucks County, PA

All sessions usually take 30 minutes but longer sessions are available . Please contact me for any personal questions.

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