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"Angel Card Readings by Doreen has helped improve my life by giving me important information regarding my health and the correct choices to make in decisions for my health.  My health card indicated to get a second opinion and Doreen encouraged me to do so.  Im so glad I followed her advice because the second opinion revealed stage  1 ovarian cancer which just started.  I was able to have a complete hysterectomy and avoid chemotherapy.  I would highly recommend a reading to anyone!"  Michelle Nelson-O'Boyle


"I didn't believe in angels before.  When I had an angel card reading done by Doreen, I realized there is someone looking out for me and showing me the way!  It was like she was inside my own soul and telling me about myself.   The messages that I received from the angels were so clear that; infact, they helped me make important decisions in my life." Mariana Salcido

Absolutely love Doreen! I completed my Level 1 Reiki Class with her back in April and just really connected with her, she’s an awesome super nice person and just love her energy! And now just got my Level 2 Reiki Attunement and it was amazing and a little emotional not gonna lie! I’ve also had an Angel Card Reading with Doreen as well and she was amazing and on point with all the information! Thank you Soo much Doreen for all that you have done to help me get to where I am today!!

Much Love and Light ~Namaste Michael Baumbach

Loved working with Doreen! Very personable and empathetic..overall a great experience. Elizabeth Menta

Had such a great reading with Doreen at Mandys Magick Shop today! She was super personal and explained everything in great detail for me. She even extended our session thank you again Doreen! Julie Ann

Doreen is a kind, insightful friend. I say friend because of how caring and responsive she is. Not only does she take time to listen, she also goes above and beyond to give hope that all will be okay. Reena Kapoor

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